They call me Phibse and I am a passionate digital designer.

My main focus right now are so-called watchfaces and watchapps for the Pebble Time Smartwatch, which I design - in cooperation with my canadian friend Edwin Finch.

We recently launched a overwhelmingly successfull kickstarter campaign which led us to design and code a total of 20 watchfaces for the "Lignite collection".

On this site you will find more information about me as well as an overview of all previously designed/released watchfaces. Of course there is a digest of other things I designed in the past such as homescreens for the Windows Mobile Smartphones as well as some websites and stuff.

Thanks for your interest and your time!


iPhibse who?

Who is this guy and what is he doing?

For as long as I can remember, I am into design. From quite an early age I started personalizing my stuff and change them to my liking. What started with sketching, I soon moved on to digital once I got my hands on (back in the days) PAINT and Paintshop Pro.

Not long thereafter the switch to Photoshop happened and the possibilities seemed infinite.

My main aim initially was to design so-called homescreens for the previously popular Windows Mobile Smartphones. This was the moment I tasted blood and I made myself a name in the community releasing over 100 homescreens. This came hand in hand with freelancer work for well-known companies such as HTC, Microsoft, Navigon etc.

My current (technical) passion is the Pebble Smartwatch, which I bought myself back in summer 2014. The main reason for buying this smartwatch was the fact, that one can design his own watchfaces. My interest was woken and it did not take long until I started designing my own watchfaces and putting together layouts for the pebble's 1-bit b/w-display.

It was also the time I met Edwin in the pebble forum and found my "coding counterpart"!

We complement each other perfectly - me designing the faces / coming up with fancy ideas and Edwin making them a reality.

Our approach is relatively simple: each watchface must be pixelperfect and one of a kind.

Once having released a few of these faces we decided to launch a collection of 20 exclusive watchfaces on Kickstarter. To cut a long story short: we were literally overwhelmed by the sheer amount of backers and reached a grand total of CAD $7'177.--!

You can see all the faces I designed and we released under "Portfolio" as well as many other designs.


All the watchfaces and other things I designed so far...

Below you will find a digest of my work. If available, you can click on the picture to be taken to the respective live-version.


Downloadable stuff from yours truly.

Should you still own a Windows Mobile Smartphone and wish for some personalization, feel free to download a ZIP-archive of all my previously released homescreens.


Questions, wishes, anything?

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